Information for Summer Apprentices

This page is designed for Summer Apprentices who have been accepted into the 2018 summer program.  We are excited to have you joining us this season, and hope that the information here is helpful for you.  Have a specfiic question?  Wish something else was added to this info page?  Let us know!  You can email Ben or email Jake to ask your questions and we'll do our best to answer or add to this page.

As summer approaches keep an eye out for updates - and we'll send you an email reminder as we get closer to the start of the camp season.

Below is everyone's schedule. We'll add names when we receive email confirmation of Apprentice invitations.

Apprentice Forms

There are two important items we need from you before May 15:

Online Registration Form
There is a short online form you need to fill out for your stay at the farm. You will need your parent/guardian to help you with some parts. Click here to fill out the online form.

Doctor's Forms
State law requires us to have a copy of your physical exam record dated within the last two years.

Additionally, required immunizations must meet Massachusetts standards listed below. Please submit a copy of the date (month and year) of basic immunizations and most recent booster doses, or attach your doctor's form.

You can email a copy to or mail a hardcopy to:

Red Gate Farm
4 Norman Road
Ashfield, MA 01330

What to Bring

We will continue to develop this list to include more specifics, but here are some things you start to plan to have for your farm stays:

  • a water bottle
  • sunblock, bug repellant and a hat (for sun)
  • comfortable clothes that can get dirty
  • long pants
  • sneakers or workboots that can get dirty/wet
  • rain gear for working outside in bad weather
  • changes of clothes for a week
  • swimsuit and towel
  • flashlight
  • rubber boots (optional)
  • change of shorts for garden or other light work (optional)
  • day pack or something you can take for short hikes
  • bedding or sleeping bag for tent cabins
  • favorite pillow
  • towel and toiletries (bathrobe for showers optional)
  • books, musical instruments, favorite board games (we have lots, too)