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Farm Camp for Age 5 - 4th graders

Session 1: July 1 – 5 (includes camp on the 4th of July)
Session 2: July 15 – 19
Session 3: July 22 – 26
$320 per session

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Day camp at Red Gate Farm is carefully crafted to meet the needs of young. Campers are placed in two groups: younger campers (Chickadees) experience a gentle introduction to the farm while older campers (Catbirds) are more challenged with exciting adventures. All activities are age appropriate, and both groups meet together for lunch and fun activities best enjoyed in a multi-aged group.

Camp is Monday - Friday from 8am - 3pm. No two days are alike on the farm - it is a living, dynamic environment full of surprises for campers each day. We do, however, have daily farm routines - caring for farm animals, tending to gardens, walks through the forest, meals prepared and shared together - that allows campers to find a rhythm to each day.

Farmers help campers become aware of and explore serendipitous moments … observing pond and stream life or new life in a bird’s nest, noting a lambs developmental milestones and growing fruit on orchard trees… There are focused opportunities too… creating through fiber crafts and carpentry, mapping sections of our forest, learning about new seeds and the importance of conserving variety in our seed bank.

Projects and activities often span several days and children are encouraged to use their innate curiosity and tenacity to develop their own ideas and try them out in a friendly and supportive environment. All of the farm work done by campers is essential and meaningful work. Campers will know that what they do each day - as individuals and as a community - matters.

The farm-to-table connection is integral to our days together. We nibble at herbs in the garden and plan for a weekly, Friday-afternoon picnic and tour with our families. Campers harvest and prepare a light meal, straight from the garden, for parents and siblings to enjoy. Some favorites … rainbow salad, onion and swiss chard quiche, and fresh strawberries with cream!

Our facilities are clean, safe, and routinely inspected by state and local officials to meet health and safety codes. Farm staff live on-property and are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Summer camp at Red Gate Farm is a gift of idyllic summer days and childhood memories. Children experience life on a farm and build life-long connections.

Want to learn more? Read Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Jake. He can be emailed at Jake@redgatefarm.org or you can call him at the Farm Office (413) 625-9503.

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