frequently asked questions

Are RGF Summer Camps licensed?

Yes. We are licensed and comply with all of the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Our facilities are inspected every year and licensed by the Town of Buckland’s Board of Health.

What are the qualifications of the summer farm staff?

Many of our staff are full-time farmer educators at the farm. Other summer staff are seasonal counselors whom we hire through a rigorous application process. All staff are hired on their ability to deliver the high quality programs Red Gate Garm offers campers. Candidates submit resumes and references and are interviewed in person. Successful applicants are thoroughly vetted through CORI and SORI background checks and reference checks. Our farm staff are experienced in caring for and teaching children.

Why do I have to fill out a full registration packet for each child?

We feel your pain! The information required for each child attending camp is mandated by the State of Massachusetts, and requires unique copies for each camper. We continue to work to streamline the process through online forms and other methods that make the process easier. Thank you for working with us to meet all state standards.

Do returning campers do the same thing as last year?

Yes and no. Returning campers get to re-experience the things they always love - gentle farm animals, gardens brimming with good things, and exciting forest adventures. But, every year is a new year; every sessions a new session! The farm is a dynamic, evolving place, with new experiences every day. We prepare thoughtfully and consider campers and farm opportunities- new and old - as we create our plan for each week. There are always new activities, projects, games, explorations and discoveries on the farm. Each summer at Red Gate Farm is unique!

If I have any more questions or concerns, who do I call for answers?

Assistant Farm Director, Jake Krain, is happy to connect with you! Give him a call at (413) 625-9503 or email him a note.