Summer Farm Apprentice and CIT Program

for students currently in grades 10 - 11

Anyone who has been here for camp knows that summer at the farm is a special time filled with adventure and fun.  For those older students who are graduating from camp, the Farm Apprentice program is an opporutnity to return to the farm as a young adult - ready to take on more responsibility, do important work, and be part of our farm community.

Summer 2018 Dates
Training (mandatory for all 1st year apprentices): 7pm, June 15 - 2pm, June 17
Training (mandatory for all 2nd year apprentices): June 16, 9am - 4pm
Session 1: 8am, June 25 - 3:30pm, July 20
Session 2: 7:30am, July 16 - 2pm, Aug 10

How it works
Each session is four weeks long. Apprentices are expected to stay overnight at the farm Monday - Friday. For weekends, apprentices return home by 6pm Friday and are welcomed back to the farm as early as 4pm on Sunday or as late as 7:30am on Monday.

All apprentices must attend the week-long training session with other farm staff and summer camp counselors. Training will include a variety of farm and camp related skills. Apprentices who wish to getcertification in first-aid and CPR (adult & child) will be reimbursed for any successful class they take.

Work hours are 7:45am - 3:15pm, Monday - Friday including breaks and lunch. After 3:15pm, apprentices are off work (except for afternoon chores) and have free time. Our farm community eats meals together each day.

There are two program areas for Apprentices:

Farm Apprentices - working as a junior farmer. Work includes caring for animals, working in the garden, clearing trails, mowing, fencework and farm repairs and maintenance.

Camp Counselor in Training (CIT) - working as a junior camp counselor. Work includes assisting Farm Camp Counselors, leading groups of young campers in games, farm activities and helping with camp prep and clean-up.

Apprentices should indicate their preference for Farm Apprentice or CIT and this will determine their focus for each session. All apprentices must have a demonstrated interest and ability to work with young people, as this is central to the farm's mission. Likewise, our camp programs are very "farm-focused" and require counselors to lead campers in farm work and activities.

Cost: Farm Apprentices and CITs are awarded a full farm scholarship for their acceptance into the program, and are provided with room and board. This also includes the training week. 2nd Year CITs are paid a stipend of up to $2,000.

Farm Community
We live where we work, and so our community is very important to us. Our community is diverse and accepting, kind, hard-working, fun, passionate and a little silly! We share our challenges with each other so that we can support each other.

During the summer we like to watch movies in the barn at night, play music (and dance) while we do dishes, go swimming at the lake on hot afternoons after camp, sit around a campfire swapping stories, and play board games and cards in our free time. Summer is also a great time to read in the shade by the pond, go for hikes, or just spend time on your own.

Application Process
Students currently in grades 10 - 11 are invited to apply for this opportunity by filling out an application online. Applicants must have participated in farm camp or an overnight school program at the farm, or have contributed a minimum of 8 hours of farm volunteer work. Selected candidates are awarded a full farm scholarship for their training, and are provided with room and board.

To apply, please click here to complete an online application.

For questions or to learn more about volunteer opportunities to qualify for an apprenticeship, please email Jake or call him at the Farm Office (413) 625-9503.