Relax at Red Gate Farm

Enjoy the beauty of the farm and rural life while staying in comfortable, yet rustic cabin tents. Relax by the campfire under the stars at night, and wake up to the beautiful sunrise in the hills of western massachusetts.

Cabin tent rental is $100 per tent per night for wedding guests. Tenting is available in pasture land on a limited basis for $15 per person per night.

Features and Considerations

  • Each cabin tent has four beds with mattresses and sleeps up to four people.
  • Bedding and pillows are not provided. There are extra blankets available for chilly nights.
  • Two composting toilets are located nearby, along with private outdoor showers with hot water.
  • A central campfire is lit each evening for guests.
  • Our program building is open for guests to enjoy an indoor space to read and play board games.
  • Breakfast is not provided, but guests are encouraged to visit nearby restaurants for morning fare.
  • Red Gate Farm is a place for disconnecting from technology, and we have very poor cell service and no wifi available to guests.
  • Guests are encouraged to enjoy our hiking trails, visit with our farm animals, and lounge by the pond or gardens.
  • Pets are not allowed on the farm.
  • There is no smoking on the farm.

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