Information for Junior Staff

Work Documentation

Here are some documents that are required for work. Of particular note is the work permit application that is required for all youth workers under the age of 18. This requires a doctor's signature and a signature from the school superintendant's office. I have learned that this document is required by the state, and while onerous and impractical, it is something I'm required to have.

Everyone needs to submit new copies of these forms each year. Here are links to these docs:

1.) youth-permit-process.pdf - this poorly designed flow-chart is the state's best attempt at describing what steps need to be taken to complete the permit. I will try and re-design something that is a little more clear for next year!

2.) Form W4 for tax purposes

3.) Form M-4 for tax purposes

4.) Work permit application

What to Bring

  • a water bottle
  • sunblock, bug repellant and a hat (for sun)
  • comfortable clothes that can get dirty
  • long pants
  • sneakers or workboots that can get dirty/wet
  • rain gear for working outside in bad weather
  • change of clothes
  • rubber boots (optional)
  • change of shorts for garden or other light work (optional)

My recommendation is that you have a "work-backpack" or some other bag that has your gear in it. We have places where you can stash stuff while you are here, and it will be secure overnight if you want to leave things for the time you are working. While we are not doing a lot of heavy work during the training sessions, please bring your gear.