2019 camp payment

Currently we are having technical problems with Paypal.  As such, we are requesting that tution balances be paid with a check via mail.  Payment can be made to:

Red Gate Farm
4 Norman Road
Ashfield, MA 01330

Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact Farm Director, Ben Murray.

paypal update

We have recently had problems with our Paypal account. Specifically, they will not allow us to transfer money from our online account to our bank account. This has effectively locked up a good portion of funding for the farm, and is obviously unacceptable. We have been working with Paypal technical support, but currently (after many many hours on the phone) they have been unable to identify or solve the problem.

As such, we are severing ties with Paypal. While we expect to eventually recover all our funds, their lack of accountability and support is too risky. Likewise, it has been made clear that they are unresponsive to the seriousness of this problem, and can no longer be trusted as a company the farm can do business with.

The farm hopes to identify another online option for processing payments and credit cards soon.