Film Club Program

Film Fans Unite!

Once-a-month, Red Gate Farm is transformed into a special place for anyone who … likes movies, loves movies, watches movies, talks about movies, films movies, wants to film movies…

Want to get in involved? Contact Ben to find out the next meeting time and to get on our Film Club monthly eNewsletter.


Who is the head-honcho here?
RGF Film Club is run by co-head-honchos, Ben Murray (film fan and farm director) and Harry Keramidas (film fan and professional film editor). Harry and Ben like films and film fans. They are good guys, even if they are honchos.

I like movies but I’ve never made one, or actually, anything … That’s more of a statement than a question, but, we understand what you mean. RGF Film Club welcomes ALL film fans, no experience in anything other than enjoying watching films is necessary. The movie world is wide … fans, critics, producers, directors, actors, electricians, foley artists, make-up artists, designers … it’s all good. Show up and let’s talk film!

When does Film Club meet?
Film fans are welcome every third Tuesday of every month - barring a blizzard - at 5:30 sharp - in the Program Building at RGF. Pizza is usually for dinner and we eat, meet, watch, and discuss film. A small contribution to the meal cost is appreciated but never required.

What’s the cost?
Well … none! Just join when you can! There is no commitment, no membership fee, no prior experience required, no cliques, no lines, no anything expect FUN and FILMS!

Is age an issue?
No, unless you are a baby. Everyone out-of-diapers and able to sit quietly for a full-length film is welcome. But, please note - we show PG and PG-13 movies. If you are third-grade or younger, you must be accompanied by a parent. All participants under 17, must have parental consent to attend programs.