Homeschoolers Program

Homeschooling at Red Gate Farm is an adventure filled with learning and new experiences. Together we explore the fields and woods to learn about natural history, farming and living close to the land. Farm chores are an integral part of each day, and we work together caring for the farm animals. Whether weighing newborn lambs or training the goats, there is always something new and rewarding for us to do. We spend most of our time outdoors, and enjoy activities that incorporate the skills of leadership, communication and teamwork.

2019 Fall Program Information

Wednesdays, October 9 - November 20, 9am - 12pm

Cost: $20 per half-day or $120 per session ($20 discount)

Age: 7 - 12 yrs old

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This session we will be learning about harvesting, seed saving, trail clearing, working with Jack the ox, and much much more!