Red Gate Farm Seed Bank

The Red Gate Farm Seed Bank Project serves the local community by growing, saving and distributing quality, local seeds. Our goals are

1.) To provide community access to quality, local seeds. 2.) To preserve local, heritage and heirloom seed varieties. 3.) To promote seed saving. 4.) To develop and distribute seeds that are optimum for our unique New England soils and climate. 5.) To collect the social histories of our local seeds.

What is a Seed Bank Grower? A Grower is someone who grows seeds from the Seed Bank and then saves some seeds to be returned back to the Seed Bank.

If I grow for seed saving, can I still eat vegetables from my garden? Yes. Most plants have an abundance of seeds, and so there is usually plenty of product to be harvested and eaten.

Can anyone grow seeds for the Seed Bank? Yes. Families, school groups and others are encouraged to plant their small gardens with RGF Seed Bank seeds and grow seeds for the Seed Bank! You do not need to be a commercial or big grower. We ask that seeds be grown using organic methods and practices and we prioritize seeds that are grown locally.

Do Seed Growers get seeds for free? Yes. We are interested in getting as many different Seed Growers as possible, and want to help you help us! We will provide you with seeds and often have starter plants available in the early growing season. Just contact us and we will help you get started.