we love school groups

It is a powerful experience for teachers, parents and farmers to see children of all ages dynamically engaged, enthusiastically learning. At Red Gate Farm, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with schools and make learning-on-a-farm a possibility for every child.*

From bus arrival to departure, your school group will feel the care and mindfulness Red Gate Farm brings to each visit. After a warm welcome and brief orientation meeting, students are organized into Farm Teams, toured around the property and introduced to our focus areas: the garden… tilling, sorting, planting, watering, harvesting … the barns… feeding, grooming, mucking, mending, building… the forest… hiking, clearing, navigating, tracking, nurturing…

Mornings begin with a fresh, farm-made breakfast and daily chores. Farm Teams then break out with farmers and engage in fun and work in the garden, barns, or forest. Daily rotation allows students, over the course of three days, to experience each area. Students become farmers and see the farm as a living, changing place where their team’s care, adaptability, an attention matters. After a full morning, Farm Teams reconvene for a healthy, farm-made lunch and time for reflecting on the morning’s events through guided conversation.

Afternoons are a special time for serendipitous options! Small groups form around a daily opportunity … looking for bird nests in the forest, knitting scarves in the barn, creating art in the meadow, enjoying yoga in the sunshine … giving students a chance to pursue an individual interest in the context of life on a farm.

Evenings bring bonfires and board games, stories and sing-a-longs after another delicious, farm-made meal and final chores. Children and adults cannot help but smile as they sit together around a blazing fire, with a sky full of stars overhead. When bedtime arrives, everyone feels ready to sleep tight in comfy beds tucked into cozy cabin-tents, listening to the soft music of chirping crickets and peeping peepers.

At Red Gate Farm we make certain that every school and child has an opportunity to stay at the farm. We will work with you on the right program for your school’s needs and budget. Farm scholarships are available and awarded on a need basis.